For the last 11 years Jane Debster, in conjunction with the N.S.W. Business Chamber, has worked with UTS and their final year fashion and textile students to identify one talented design graduate. The UTS award comprises both a financial scholarship and a business mentoring program.

In 2013 Denisse M Vera was recognised for her outstanding collection Unidentified Lines. We sat down for a chat with this inspiring fashion newcomer to talk about her background, inspiration and her bright ideas.

Jane Debster: Tell us about your winning collection Unidentified Lines. Where did you get the inspiration for your design?

Denisse: I am inspired by my own life experiences and the amazing natural world in which we live. My first collection was originally inspired by ancient Nazca Geoglyphs that I visited in Peru. Not only did the aesthetics inspire me but the whole story and debate surrounding the existence of the Geoglyphs drew me in. Two contrasting theories informed the basis of my collection. The idea that the lines were created by the ancient Nazca people is portrayed through the use of the macramé and the idea that the lines were formed by space crafts is evident through the use of the modern print technique.

Jane Debster: How could you relate your designs to Jane Debster's style?

 Denisse: The Jane Debster style is sophisticated and beautifully crafted, precisely how I would describe Denisse M Vera designs. My pieces are intricate and different yet still simple and classic. Jane Debster shoes are renowned for quality and that is the core component that I strive for when creating each of my pieces.

 Jane Debster: What is your biggest accomplishment as a designer?

 Denisse: To help make women feel amazing when they wear my pieces is by far my biggest accomplishment.

 Jane Debster: What is next for Denisse M Vera?

 Denisse: I will be travelling to Chile to workshop with a very talented artisan. Together we will begin to create new pieces that push boundaries and that tell a story.

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Photos by Mitch Hay

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